Eden Prairie, MN – Excellence Marketing, a manufacturers’ representative firm based in Eden Prairie, MN will mark its 28th anniversary on September 1, 2016. Founded in 1988, the firm is currently staffed by Paul Cassady, Patrick Gilligan, Mark Mitchell, Cindy Porter, Ken Simons and Ann Wickstrom.

In commenting on the milestone, President Ken Simons observed “We are very grateful to our Customers and Manufacturers for their support. Our 28 successful years comes from meeting their needs.” Simons also noted “I am proud to be part of a team that offers a combined 90+ years of manufacturers’ rep experience. There’s no substitute for this level of experience. It’s at the core of the value that we add”.

Simons acknowledged his mentors at Mel Foster Company, where he was first employed as a field representative and learned the fundamentals of the business. He noted that “being a solid manufacturer’s rep firm is based on many principles and subtleties which I was fortunate to have been taught by Gene Foster and David Voelke. One of the most important concepts they taught me is that the business climate surrounding us is ever-changing with increasing acceleration. Gene Foster ran a very dynamic organization which constantly adapted to the market’s needs, and we strive to build on that model”.

As it enters its 29th year, Excellence Marketing continues to supply quality audio, video & communications products and services to contractors, integrators, resellers, and distributors in it’s Upper Midwest and Mid America territories.