This is a list of all price sheets for the manufacturers we represent in the MidAmerica region. If you are an authorized dealer for one of these product lines, your price sheets should reflect the dates shown below. This list was last updated on June 1, 2018.

All manufacturers reserve the right to change prices without notice. Many will change prices on selected items without publishing a new price list, so we cannot guarantee total accuracy.

Product Category
Last Revised
Allen & Heath All Product Series 11.15.17
Middle Atlantic Products Dealer 5.16.18
Middle Atlantic Products Distributor 5.16.18
Middle Atlantic Products C2G (Cables To Go) 5.16.18
Middle Atlantic Products Wiremold 8.1.17
QSC Standard Dealer 1.24.18
QSC Integrator (Q-Sys Level 1) 2.6.18
QSC Rental/Production Dealer 1.24.18
QSC Master Integrator (Q-Sys Level 2) 2.6.18
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