One week ago, on August 1st, we began our 11th month in business in our new MidAmerica territory.  It’s been a wonderful 10 months of learning where and how we can add value for these new customers of ours.

What have we learned so far?  Well, we’ve learned that these are really nice people who appreciate personalized & professional service, just like our Upper Midwest customers do.  We’ve tried real hard to provide this, and we hope that our new customers are experiencing it that way.

And we’ve learned that strong brands, with strong products, are critical to building successful partnerships.   We are blessed with representing some really great products, and we’re committed to build on relationships already in place, as well as creating new ones.  Thank you to all who have welcomed us into the territory.  It’s our job to earn your business, and it’s our promise to do so each new day, week and month from this one forward.