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The most experienced AV and pro audio rep in the Upper Midwest, Excellence Marketing understands you like nobody else. And that kind of partnership enables you to perform unlike anyone else.

How Excellence Marketing fuels your sales success


Not only do we know the latest technologies, we understand our customers’ businesses, needs and priorities: what’s important to them, and what isn’t. Whether we’re providing product training or support for sales events, we share our expertise and insights freely and fully. That makes us your trusted resource for information, answers and go-to-market strategies.


It’s about speed, process and peace of mind – the certainty of knowing that we’ll be there to clear obstacles, prevent hassles, and propel your business forward. From education and marketing assistance to technical support and problem resolution, we provide the information and assistance resellers need, while happily handling all the noise that used to slow down our manufacturer partners.


We’re at the center of relationships that span manufacturers, resellers, representatives, distributors and end users. Grounded in deep industry involvement and a history of doing right by our customers, our professional network makes us the ultimate matchmaker between our manufacturer partners and resellers. And in a dynamic marketplace, connection is everything.


Shure's MXA902: First of It's Kind, Kind of Amazing

Shure presents a bold new audio solution for meeting rooms. The Microflex Advance MXA902 Integrated Conferencing Ceiling Array is a complete ceiling-mounted audio solution for AV conferencing, ideal for delivering premium audio capture and reproduction for small to medium-sized meeting spaces … with no setup required.

Single Zone Automatic Coverage™ technology captures every talker in a 20′ x 20′ (6 x 6 meter) area while avoiding conversations and noises from other areas. High-output loudspeaker is optimized for voice reproduction to ensure effortless collaboration. Onboard IntelliMix DSP applies automatic mixing, echo cancellation, noise reduction, and automatic gain control for a pristine audio mix. Here’s why it’s better. A single device requires only one network cable, minimizing installation time compared to separate components. An integrated ceiling device reduces clutter on tables and walls for a cleaner interior design. And next generation array architecture delivers enhanced low frequency directionality and the most natural speech quality. Unlike wall-mounted soundbar devices, a ceiling-mounted array mic and loudspeaker provide more consistent sound quality for every participant.


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A History of Excellence

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Past is prologue, they say. So expect us to deliver the same results for you that we’ve provided our customers for more than three decades.

Born in Minnesota and well-established throughout the Upper Midwest region, Excellence Marketing was founded by Ken Simons in 1988. “I created this company to fill a void,” says Ken. “Coming from the manufacturer side of the industry, I saw a need for a firm that could be a true partner to both manufacturers and resellers – one that understood that nobody wins unless everybody wins.”

Technology has changed over time. So have our customers’ needs and expectations. What hasn’t changed is Excellence Marketing’s commitment to mastering the technology and being the partner you need to help your business thrive.