Shure Professional Tools (also see General Information below)

In the era of continually shrinking spectrum, this site gives you the resources needed to help with frequency allocation of wireless microphone products.  In other words, the first line of defense.

Ever wonder what it’ll take to remote your wireless system’s antennas?  We thought so.  Don’t worry, so has Shure.

Enter the distance between your antenna (placement) and receiver (location) to get setup recommendations for the receiver – including cable type, length, and which accessory items to use.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a ‘library’ of current software & firmware revs for all your Shure products?  Brilliant!  But regardless who came up with this, you WILL  thank them for it.

This ingenious little tool allows you to click buttons to hear and identify common noise and interference issues. Includes support links to relevant troubleshooting articles and bulletins.

PAG/NAG is a concept that can be used to determine if a sound reinforcement system can produce enough gain to provide an optimal listening experience before causing feedback.

Wireless Workbench is a free software for audio professionals that puts a full suite of RF spectrum management tools in one place to give you full command of your compatible wireless devices. Guarantee that you are prepared to succeed in any RF environment – no matter the location.


Here’s contact info for Absen technical support, warranty & RMA info, and a supercool LED screen calculator.

Designed for AV integrator & rental staging applications, the 2 day (virtual, 12/7-8/2022) program educates engineers & technicians
on Absen mobile and fixed installation products.

Allen & Heath

In this new age of digital mixing, you need resource & support information immediately.  Get it here, brothers & sisters.


Need to know about CTS and AIA continuing education courses & credits? This is it, baby.

Listen Technologies

Everything you need to build effective Listen Technologies marketing campaigns in one place.

Enhance your knowledge and skills with these available training and development resources.


Looking for a rack for the A/V, data or infrastructure component in your project?  Start here.

Lowell manufactures a wide variety of power distribution, sequencing, surge suppression and UPS backup power products.

Lowell offers several solutions for maintained closure and momentary closure in rackmount and wallmount flavors.

Lowell maintains an online e-library of technical papers on a variety of topics.

Salamander Designs

Where to find catalogs, spec sheets, assembly guides, CAD files and a virtual ton of other pertinent stuff.

Fully design, preview, and order custom cabinets in the fastest way imaginable.

Shure General Information

This listing of Frequently Asked Questions is your first stop for Shure technical support. This webpage contains a searchable database of almost every topic you may encounter. Take our word for it.

A variety of topics including links to TV-band geo-location databases, plus FCC updates and congressional communications. This is your “all things spectrum” go-to site. And ours.

Did you know, Shure now offers an Integrated Systems Certification Program?  Here’s your resource for becoming certified.