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Shure’s Stem Ecosystem was designed to give in-house IT teams and IT professionals the freedom and flexibility to get their conference room audio up and running with ease.  Stem  is easy to install and use, it’s scalable for all conference rooms, and it works well with leading conferencing platforms.  The Ecosystem consists of a variety of audio endpoints backed with innovative software designed to help you through every step of the installation process.

With Stem, you can mix and match devices to create the perfect pickup in every room in the office, no matter the shape, size, or configuration.  And with Shure’s one-of-a-kind RoomDesign tool, you can virtually recreate your meeting space.  Add in products and check the coverage so you know exactly what you need for your room.

New Firmware & Functionality

Additionally, Shure has released three additional firmware updates to provide integrators and IT professionals with an improved customer experience that delivers more seamless installation with improved customization.  Amid numerous updates, Stem’s new Link-Local functionality enables audio devices to work on an isolated network without a DHCP server, improving the installation experience.

IT professionals and integrators now benefit from expanded customization features and can support teams and customers with API for third-party control, enabling the flexibility to remotely monitor room and device status with control over volume and mute functions.  Notably, Stem now also features updated Mute Sync functionality with leading codecs, including Microsoft Teams, improving the customer meeting experience and collaboration capabilities.

Stem Enhancements

And finally, a few words from an expert.  “Our most recent firmware updates further enhance Stem’s acoustic performance and make the installation process even more seamless,” said Luis Guerra, Associate Director of Global Product Management for the Stem Ecosystem, at Shure. “We are pleased with how these updates have already improved our customers’ experiences with Stem.”

Above all, with Stem your IT life will get a whole lot easier.