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Today we talk Shure Axient Digital Wireless System and why you should be using it.

Wide-band tuning transmitters and receivers.
Up to 210 MHz of tuning range. Gone are the days when we need to match the proper frequency band transmitter with the same band receiver.

Frequency diversity with selection or combining modes for transmitters.
It works by transmitting the audio on two independent frequencies which enables seamless, uninterrupted audio for mission-critical applications. If one frequency experiences interference, the audio from the other frequency is used to prevent dropouts or interruption of the audio. Using Frequency Diversity in conjunction with Interference Detection procures an additional layer of protection for the audio signal.

Automatic interference detection and avoidance.
In the event of signal degradation, interference management technology provides options to move to a clean, compatible frequency, either manually or automatically.

Remote control and monitoring.
The AD610 ShowLink access point enables real-time remote control of all ShowLink-enabled Axient transmitters. The access point allows comprehensive management of transmitter parameters from the receiver or Wireless Workbench software. All parameter changes occur without interruption to the performer.

True digital diversity antenna reception scheme per channel for incredibly stable RF performance.

Headphone jack with adjustable volume on receivers for headphone monitoring of selected receiver channel and monitoring of all Dante channels, including third party components.

Quadversity mode for enhanced coverage.
Quadversity mode configures the receiver to accept four antenna inputs to maximize RF coverage and minimize the risk of dropouts and signal loss caused by interference.

4 port switch with POE on the back of the receivers that can be switched between Split-Redundant Mode: two ports of Ethernet, two ports of Dante, or Switched Mode: four ports of ethernet and four ports of Dante.

Channel quality meter displays signal-to-noise ratio of RF signal. Low levels of channel quality provide an early warning of potential problems, allowing you to switch to a clear frequency.

AES , Dante, XLR, and ¼” outputs.
All digital outputs can be switched from 48KHz to 96KHz sample rates. All analog outputs are transformer-balanced.

– Joe the Audio Pro