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Acoustical Fulfillment, an industry leader in high-quality acoustical treatment products, has tasked Excellence Marketing with representing their US-made custom and ready-to-ship offering in the Upper Midwest. With their unique Flex-48™ Adaptive Treatment System (US Patent # 9,595,254) and FulFill™ Panel Core, Acoustical Fulfillment is your go-to for passive absorption, diffusion, and low-frequency control of your acoustical space, be it House of Worship, studio, meeting rooms, gymnasium or other public areas.
Evaluating an acoustical space can be a daunting project. But Acoustical Fulfillment offers resources for room analysis as well as product or fabric samples. And their website provides valuable information on the various types of treatment offered, as well as mounting methods and even architect/consultant technical data and drawings.
If you’re interested in an organic approach to sound treatment in your space, contact your Excellence Marketing Representative.

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