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Shure’s MVX2U Digital Audio Interface is a powerful, single-channel XLR-to-USB adapter that allows users to effortlessly connect any of their preferred XLR microphones to their computer for consistent recording and streaming of audio. It offers full control of your audio with configurable DSP features and full access to the ShurePlus MOTIV Desktop App, future-proofed with firmware updates. And right out of the box, the MVX2U’s Auto Level Mode automatically adjusts the mic gain for optimized output when recording or streaming.

Providing up to 60dB of gain, the XLR-to-USB adapter has enough power to bring your favorite dynamic microphone – like the Shure SM7B or SM58 – to life. And with up to 48v of phantom power supply for connecting a condenser microphone to a computer. This portable, sleek and ruggedly built product can be plugged onto any microphone with an XLR connector, or used inline with an XLR cable.

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